Exchange Wifi for Advertising

If you run a business that currently offers (or would like to offer) wireless access, you now have the opportunity to convert Internet access into advertising.

We'll get you found

Have patrons check in at your location to use the wireless network. This lets everyone know they're visiting.
And if their friends know, there's a good chance they'll visit you too.

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How It Works

  1. Have a customer connect to your wireless network.
  2. They're presented with a checkin page.
  3. Checkins appear on their timeline as a status update. Friends see their updates and comment.
  4. They now have access to the internet.


Free advertising

The next level in word-of-mouth advertising. Your customers are now spreading the word. Use the opportunity to open a dialogue. Offer a coupon to repeat customers. Get feedback on your offering. Inform them of new products.

Improve your reach

Your existing customers automatically help you find more customers. In some cases, people who would never come to your shop are easily persuaded. It's the closest thing to word-of-mouth advertising.

Increase revenues

Having wifi access increases the duration of a visit. Coffee shops know this and offer wifi for a simple reason: people eat to live.

Ease wait times

If you need some time to get an order ready, this is a great way to make time fly. Customers can keep busy allowing you perfect their request. Wait times are now considered a blessing in disguise.

Customers return

The next time your customers think of wifi, they'll think of you. That's one more reason for them to return.

Everyone wants to keep connected. Why not enable them in exchange for their patronism?

Track usage

Learn more about your customers by finding trends. Browsing habits are an easy way to learn about interests and needs.



  • Block adult content
  • Isolate users to only the Internet or specific websites
  • Require updated anti-virus software on devices
  • Block filesharing, online streaming, etc.

Alternate logins

No Facebook? No problem. Users can request a password to access the internet so checkin can be bypassed altogether. They can also be directed to connect to a secondary network.

Additional wifi networks

Up to 16 separate networks can be setup. Secondary networks can be used for staff to access printers, servers and any other network ready equipment.

Many other options are available. Let us know your needs and we'll let you know what's possible.

Make wireless work for you today

No long-term contract. Up and running within 2-weeks.

Small Shop

  • Facebook Wifi
  • 1 Additional Network
  • Basic security
  • Up to 25 concurrent users


Social Hub

  • Facebook Wifi
  • 2 Addtional Networks
  • Content filtering
  • Monthly access reports
  • Up to 50 concurrent users



  • Facebook Wifi
  • 3 Additional Networks
  • Content filtering
  • Monthly access reports
  • Network monitoring/notifications
  • 50+ concurrent users


Initial setup fees are $500 for hardware installation, licensing and site assessment.
Monthly payments begin 30-days from activation date. Internet connection not included.

Call 416.834.1546 or use the contact form to get in touch

Other plans and features are available