Simplify your IT needs with our expertise

Focus on your core offering rather than IT headaches. The idea is to use our team and knowledge to improve security, reliability and efficiency on your systems. Our combination of remote monitoring and proactive management gets the job done. We usually know what is wrong before our clients call us. Read about our remote management offerings to learn how we achieve this.

Network Infrasctructure

IT Offerings

  • Network configuration and architecture
  • Security auditing
  • Hardware design and procurement
  • Desktop and server room setup
  • Patch cabling and termination
  • Custom applications
  • Consultation
  • Managed switches
  • Thin clients
  • Virtualization
  • Network attached storage
  • Backup power systems
  • Data storage and archival
Network switch

Remote Management

Email, SMS, Twitter, Phone and Skype notifications automatically when something goes wrong. Typically, this is used for power failures, network connectivity and intrusion detection purposed. Be ready for outages by knowing the exact moment they occur.

Security patches without the need to book on-site support. This ensures costs are kept to a minimum while improving security.

Prevent unauthorized devices from connecting to your network. Or, allow certain devices special access over others. Most companies collaborate with consultants and have visitors. Access control provides permissions and reveal how devices are using and abusing your network.

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