Ever had an idea but lacked the know-how to make it a reality?

You know what needs to be done and how it should be done, but how can it be created? That’s where Artform shines. It all starts with a quick conversation where we advise you on what is possible, how soon it could be achieved, and the costs involved with making it come to life. If you are shopping around for a quote, we’re here to help!

Skilled in web development

Artform specializes in building web-based applications that can provide your business with the flexibility and good looks that your clientele expect. There is nothing more frustrating to your prospects than a badly designed site that requires more than 3-clicks to find any information. Such sites result in a loss of business and only build your client basis’ frustration. We have many solutions to these types of problems.

Examples of what we can do

  • MySQL database driven websites
  • PHP server-side coding
  • On-the-fly image and PDF manipulation via server
  • Web based forms to capture data
  • Automatic generation and dispatch of emails
  • Online surveys
  • Hosting and domain registration
  • Online PDF composition
  • Analytics

Dynamic PDFs

The proliferation of PDFs in today’s business world have led to a need for system that can create custom PDFs on the fly. Our custom coded systems allow sales staff to generate proposals simply by visiting a secure website. By using an online system, users are able to access important documents virtually anywhere with the added bonus of being able to assemble and customize a document.

Specific benefits include:

  • PDFs can be for web viewing or print simply by selecting usage intent
  • Different documents can be assembled into one file for simple output/viewing
  • Documents can be sorted so final output has a logical flow of content
  • Emails with attachments can be sent directly from the online system
  • Documents can be customized with contact information

Our PDF systems work well for resellers or companies with multiple locations and products. All that is required to setup such a system are print-ready PDFs and positioning information of variable fields.