Remote Support

The following allows you to access our self-registration tools. By registering your device we will be able to remotely assist you and track your device in the case it is stolen or lost. You must have an existing support agreement with Artform to use the tools below.

Universal installer supports Windows XP and above.

Version 1.1 MSI Installer

Instructions for MSI Installer

  1. Download and install the Systems Manager Agent (above).
  2. The device will automatically synchronize with the Meraki Cloud and appear in the client list.


We also have subscription based support which covers the following:

  • Windows operating system updates
  • Software updates*
  • Unlimited service tickets using the F8 key to send a request
  • Ensure virus scanner is running and updated
  • Boot optimization (turn your computer on faster)

Version 1.6 Subscription Installer

Download OS X Universal Installer

Manual Registration

  1. From the device, open:
  2. Enter your Network ID: 032-269-6647.
  3. Press register.
  4. In the window that appears, press ‘Continue’, then ‘Install’, and enter administrator credentials to complete the installation.
  5. Optionally, download and install the Systems Manager Agent (above) to enable enhanced reporting.

On-device setup

To enroll
  1. From the device, open:
  2. Enter your Network ID: 032-269-6647
  3. Press register
  4. In the profile that appears, press ‘install’, then ‘install’ again to confirm
For easier enrolment, you can also use the SM iOS app, now in beta!

Scan the following QR code using the SM iOS app:


App Enrolment

  1. Download and install the Android App from Google Play. You can use the following QR code to start the download:
     android enrolment
  2. Install the app.
  3. From within the app, choose Enrol, and then either scan the QR code above (again), or use the code 032-269-6647 to enrol. (Can’t access the Google Play store? Download the app directly.)

Web Enrolment

  1. From the device, open:
  2. Enter the following code: 032-269-6647 and click Register to download the app.
  3. Install the app.
  4. Return to, enter your code again, and click Register to enroll.
  5. Choose Systems Manager when prompted.
  6. (Alternatively, open the app, choose Enrol, and enter your code there, or scan the QR code above.)