Jaffari News is a Toronto based Islamic magazine. It covers content globally with a focus on the Shia Ithna ‘Ashari community.

About the Logo

The logo is comprised of the letter ‘jīm’ which is the 5th letter of the Arabic alphabet. It is also the letter used to spell Jaffari. The character is rotated to represent the initials J and N which are the initials of Jaffari News. The dot of the jīm is used as centre point making the entire logo a radiant sun. The dot also represends the hub of Jaffari News where information disseminates from. The symbol of sunlight relates to the spreading of knowledge and information. The points of the logo are also meant to represent a compass showing North, East, West and South (the acronym N.E.W.S.) which relates to guidance.

In terms of colours, green equates to growth and yellow is energy. The light blue is the sky and clouds to add a degree of calmness to the logo.

Font used is Friz Quadrata Small Caps. Originally developed by Ernest Fritz and Victor Caruso in 1973. It’s slight curves and sharp angles complement the Arabic yet allow for a classical look with it’s incised serifs.