PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Canadians should know that the SOPA/PIPA legislation will impact their internet too. The big telcom and television companies will most certainly begin to pressure our governments to pass similar legislation. Our Conservatives love to follow suit.

If you are a Canadian, you’ve noticed that some large websites that distribute digital media already block our access since we are outside US borders resulting in the use of proxies to feed us content as if we are on the other side of the border. What SOPA/PIPA does is the exact opposite. It’s a wall to keep content from entering the US. Companies that want to deal with American customers may realize that their website is inaccessible. Using multiple domains might be one way to get around being blocked, but for how long? Domain squatters will have a lot of new customers when this passes in the States.

Who is making the calls on which content is infringing? The wording is awfully vague! No one really knows at this point. It seems like there will be a long process to getting your domain unblocked and a lot of red tape to go through. Small businesses will definitely struggle since they will not have the resources to fight a legal battle.

If you are an American, make your voice heard. If you are a Canadian, brace yourself for an internet under corporate control if the legislation passes.