With the coming of 2012, we need some inspiration and guidance to set a concrete long-term vision. Resolutions are often self-centered such as loosing weight or saving up some money. The inspiration behind this TEDxIB talk called 5 Before 5 is how resolutions are based on passion, purpose and perspective. The other key is that they are globally focused.

Trying to be the change you want could influence international change. It has to start somewhere. Take Amal’s relating of the Hummingbird that saw a forest fire and picked up a single drop of water. The other animals in disbelief asked why the bird was fighting a feeble battle. The hummingbird responded with “I’m doing what I can”. Such determination does cause others to be inspired, hence why international movements begin with oneself.

Let’s start small and create some attainable, measurable goals. Let’s also set a goal that’s bigger than ourselves. Maybe you can help Canadians and Open Media in their battle against the cellular monopoly held by the big 3 by signing a petition! Come up with something. Use your talents and passion.

Sound off in the comments below if you have any movements or ideas to support.

[via TEDxIB@York]