• 5-12% of the teenagers / young adults audience reads blogs
  • Young, educated males are more likely to blog
[Some newspaper in Richmond Hill, I forgot the name]

It doesn’t take long to get attached to someone. What’s worse is it can take even less time to want to break things off. I’m quite anti-social for some reason this week. I think I’m still bitter about the interactions and situations that are occuring in my life. I keep working more and more, sleeping less and eating improperly and at varying times. I’m making myself suffer and escape from my reality.

The good thing is that I’m making great money but avoiding important social issues and denying myself personal time to play guitar and create or just plain relax. I know for the next 4 years if I keep this up, I’ll be financially sound. But I also know I’ll be drained of my happiness and of any social life. Overall, I do it to myself. Not appreciating people means I probably don’t appreciate myself because I am a person.

The loops of my karmatic thoughts.


Back to mucking around in my reality…